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  • July 7, 2013 - led by Glo Winters
    Welcome to Fresh Air Nordic Walking. My name is Glo and it is my hope that you will join us in creating better health through Nordic Walking. I hope you enjoy it so much, you walk on your own, around your neighborhood, or with a friend and enjoy getting stronger, walking longer, outside in the bea...
  • May 29, 2013 - led by Nahawee Alwine
    Learn to Nordic Walk! This pain-free, low impact fitness activity will use 90% of your muscles while walking, strengthen the core, increase stamina and burn more calories per mile than just walking alone. Using specially designed walking poles not only gives walkers added stability, but relieves p...

Who is Tom Rutlin?

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Tom Rutlin is an internationally recognized fitness authority and is considered by many to be the "father" of the rapidly growing worldwide Nordic walking movement. He is also known as the “Good Use Exercise Guru” for both his pioneering work in fitness walking with specially designed poles and, for his functional fitness concept of "good use" exercise.

Born in 1947, Tom has maintained a very high level of overall fitness by "just walking with poles" regularly since 1985. He founded Exerstrider Products, Inc. in 1988, and has dedicated more than a third of his life to helping everyone from elite athletes and reforming couch potatoes discover a fun and motivating way to achieve and maintain a high level of functional total body fitness, as well as experience the joy of simultaneously putting their entire body to good use on a regular basis through use of his specially designed poles and his natural, easy-to-master techniques.

Why Team Exerstrider?


Find Certified Exerstride Nordic Walking Method Instructors. Tom gives his personal approval to these outstanding individuals who have decided to become Instructors.

Earn your Coaching Credentials in the comfort of your own home or at one of Tom's Master Classes. These certification programs are designed with professionalism and safety in mind.

Exerstrider Poles were designed by American Inventor Tom Rutlin with Rehabilitation, Durability, Ergonomics, and Mobility in mind. Tom was an AVID Runner who became plagued by Bone Spurs early in life.

Special Fitness Walking Training Packages for community & fitness centers, non-profit groups, rehabilitation clinics, and schools.

If you've ever tried to lose weight, you know it's difficult! We all need support, and the best people to motivate us are people such as ourselves. We've all been there before, so let's do this together!

Join Team Exerstrider!

The World's #1 Best Replacement for Disability "Mobility" Walkers and Walking Canes!

While canes and walkers remain the most often prescribed assistive devices for those needing to take weight and stress off of the joints of the hips, knees and feet, as well as for those in need of balance aids; many have discovered that a pair of specially designed walking poles helps them regain their strength and freedom!


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Team Exerstrider is a GO!

Team Exerstrider is designed for Instructors, Fitness Walkers, and the AMAZING stories they have to tell!
Join Today-- It's Fast, Free, and Easy!

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Walking With Friends--
Big & Small.

For over 25 Years, Tom and Wendy have been walking with friends and their beloved fuzzy canine companions. Exerstriding is 100% dog-friendly!

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Montel Williams, Tom Rutlin, & Lisa Wheeler

Tom has changed so many lives! Montel Williams worked with Exerstrider a few years ago on a media project. Montel is an Avid Fitness Walker.

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Now, Walking Can Be a Total Body Workout, Too!

Walking typically uses 20% of your muscles. Fitness Walking with Exerstrider Poles increases muscle usage to 60-80% of ALL your muscle groups. It's more effective than running and jogging, and doesn't hurt your joints! Read More..

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Exerstriding for Sports Training

Exerstriding is the perfect way to train athletes for conditioning and endurance. This is one of our 2013 Kinesiology Programs in Canada. Tom originally developed Exerstriding for collegiate crew/ski training programs.

“Exerstriding made my stomach hard as a rock and my arms and legs have muscle definition that I once thought you had to lift weights to get. Thanks for inventing the most efficient exercise ever! We love using our poles…they have totally transformed our bodies. We have more muscle definition, strength, stamina, and endurance. We’ve already lost over 10 pounds each using them just over the last two months. Your simple invention has really made a difference in our lives.”
--Judy R, California
--Gail & Frank, New York

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making exercise fun! I never thought I'd actually enjoy exercise. Your strapless ergonomic grips really are awesome -- and so comfortable.”
– E. Young, Ohio

“I have two complaints since I got my poles. First, having now lost 14 pounds in just three months, my pants and belts are too large. Second, I made the mistake of letting my wife try out my poles and now I have to buy her a set. Your poles should come with appropriate warnings!” :)
--Lee Taylor

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